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As of 23/11/2017 Progress on our new shed stands as follows:

  • At its meeting, on Tuesday 27th November 2012, Great Lakes Council unanimously approved the construction of a new purpose built
    Shed at the Tuncurry Waste Management facility to house the Wallis Lake Men's Shed.
  • 4 Years, 11 months & 27 days have now passed since that announcement.

  • 1st Oct 2014   Land Clearance started.
  • 2nd Oct 2014   Contract recieved from Stable Sheds & Garages (fairdinkum sheds) and signed by council
  • 26th Nov 2014   Construction Cerificate issued and forwarded to Stable Sheds & Garages (fairdinkum sheds)
  • 9th Jan 2015   Water Tank emptied. Ready for relocation
  • 22nd Jan 2015   Water Tank moved
  • 22nd Jan 2015   Tank moved, Site levelling and Boarding Up startd
  • 23rd Jan 2015   Reinforcing laid
  • 27th Jan 2015   Plumbing in place
  • 6th Feb 2015   Concrete poured
  • 10th Feb 2015   Steelwork Delivered
  • 20th Feb 2015   Shed Assembly started
  • 23rd Feb 2015   Frames go up
  • 24th Feb 2015   Roof Purlins in place
  • 25th Feb 2015   Eastern Wall going up
  • 27th Feb 2015   Three walls finished, one to go.
  • 2nd Mar 2015   Eastern Roller Door installed
  • 4th Mar 2015   Roof 0n and last wall started
  • 21st Mar 2015   Internal frames ordered
  • 31st Mar 2015   Doors arrived.
  • 2nd Apr 2015   All but one Door installed
  • 22nd Apr 2015   Internal wall frames arrive.
  • 23rd Apr 2015   Internal wall frame erection started.
  • 5th May 2015   Power and light cabling started
  • 6th Jul 2015   Overhead electrical work just about done. Wall insulation and cladding 80% done.
  • 15th Sep 2015   Toilet waterproofing done. Ready for tiling.
  • 17th Sep 2015   Ducting 90% Done
  • 9th Oct 2015   Toilet Tiling finished.
  • 20th Oct 2015   Toilets Internal work finished
  • 27th Oct 2015   Meeting Room Carpets and Lino Finished
  • 1st Dec 2015   Recycled Kitchen Installed ready for appliance installation

Proposed New Men's Shed

The images shown below will be progressively added to as work progresses

Shed Elevations

1. Purchase order for the New Shed has been Raised.

Plan View

2. Plan view of proposed new Shed

Toilet Block Plan

3. Plan view of proposed toilet facilities

Site Preparation

4. It's Started - Site Preparation Underway 1/10/2014

Tank Drained

5. Water Tank being drained for the move..


6. Tank moved and Slab preparation Started 22/23 January 2015.


7. Plumbing in place 27th January 2015.


8. Concrete poured 6th February 2015.


9. Steelwork delivered Tuesday 10th February 2015.

Roller Doors

10. Roller Doors delivered Tuesday 10th February 2015.


11. Shed Assembly Started 20th February 2015.


12. Frames go up 23rd February 2015.


13. Roof Purlins added 24th February 2015.

First Wall

14. Houston, we have a wall! 25th February 2015.

Three walls

15. Three Walls done and one to go. 27th February 2015.

Eastern Door

16. Eastern Roller Door installed 2nd March 2015.


17. Roof on & last wall started 4th March 2015.


18. Shed viewed from the Southeast 6th March 2015.


19. Shed viewed from the Southwest 6th March 2015.

Frames Arrive

20. Internal Wall Frames Recieved 22nd and erection started 23rd April 2015.

Toilet Frames

21. Toilet Block Wall Frames Recieved 22nd April 2015 . Awaiting Stable Sheds to erect.

Frames Done

22. 6th May 2015 . Frames almost finished."

New Sign

23. New Sign installed

Northern Frames Finished. Interior walls of toilet block finished

24. Northern Frames Finished. Interior walls of toilet block finished and plastering underway

Southern Interior Walls Lined

25. Southern Wall exterior cladding finished. Installation of insulation started

Office Window

26. Office Window from Main Entrance

Southern Interior Walls Lined Finshed

27. Southern Wall exterior cladding finished. Installation of insulation Finished

Overhead Electricals Finsished

28. Thanks to Coates Hire Lending us a scissor lift our overhead electrical work is finished

Meetingroom Wall

29. Meeting Room Wall Insulation Finished cladding underway

Dust Extractor

30. Our New Dust Extractor in position ready for installation.

Dust Extractor

31. Our New Dust Extractor in position ready for installation.

Meeting room Interior

32. Meeting Room Interior ready for the plasterer


33. Dust Extraction ducting almost finished

Meeting Room

34. Meeting Room, ready for carpeting and door hanging

Work Benches

35. Work Benches under construction


36. Tiling finished

Toilets Finished

37. Internal work on toilets finished

Toilets Finished

38. Internal work on toilets finished

Meeting Room Carpets and Lino Finished

39. Meeting Room

Meeting Room

40. Getting meeting room ready for AGM


41. Recycled Kitchen Cabinets Installed - ready for appliances

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