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Date: Friday
25 November 2016
Treasurer’s Report AGM 2016

Treasurer’s Report AGM 2016.

As at 31 October 2016 we had a surplus of $65k (a) having paid all of our fit-out costs of less than $500 immediately together with all running and maintenance costs. Income since the 1st July 2015 amounted to $44k (b) with roughly 40% this amount raised by orders sold.

Income of $16k since 1 July 2016 reflects a greater emphasis on revenue since completion of the shed fit-out.

  • Individual fit-out costs of over $500 to date amount to $46k and are actually repaid at the rate of 1/96th each month over the next 8 years ie $481 each month.
  • In addition to this we have repaid in full all of the machinery purchased just over 3 years ago with just minor purchases since amounting to $3k repaid at $96 per month these items will be repaid in full by June 2019. Machinery is paid off over 3 years at 1/36th of the cost each month.
  • In summary there is $65k less $42k less $2k leaving $21k available to us (although this $44k is not payable immediately).

Attendance at the shed over the past 16 months numbered 4,722 visits raising $7,359 in entrance fees.

At our last AGM we had 70 members and 30 of these did not renew their membership. We now have 129 members meaning we have had 89 new members join in the past 13 months.


  • Surplus of $65,757 31 Oct 2016
  • Surplus of $65,488 30th June 2016.
  • surplus of $73,319 30th Sep 2015.
  • surplus of $75,556 30th June 2015.
  • surplus of $77,959 30th June 2014.
  • surplus of $88,125 30th June 2013.

Date: Friday
25 November 2016

Presidents Report 2016

Welcome to the sixth annual general meeting of the Wallis Lake Men’s Shed.

The past year has been one of many changes and achievements. At this time last year we had a membership of approximately 70 and as of yesterday we have 130. It is obvious that the men’s shed in the Great lakes Area is a very necessary institution. This was demonstrated recently by the turnout of willing volunteers to help with the Ronald McDonald House maintenance work and the painting of the Guide Hall during our 6 week enforced closure.

We were all relieved to be back in our home on Wednesday November 16, none more so than Cliffy. I believe he was heading for divorce.

Many of our new members are those referred to us from Centrelink to perform their 15 hours volunteering per week. These men are an integral part of the shed and do a great job. I would like to offer our thanks to you all for the work and help you give to the shed.

To all who have attended and participated in helping and working in the shed this year I would like to offer my thanks. Cliffy and Alan, thanks for a job well done. There are many others I would like to personally acknowledge but there is not enough time. You all know who I mean and all I can say to you all is “thanks for a job well done.”

We are pleased to see that the engineering side of the shed is now being utilized regularly and putting out some good work.

During the last year the need for electrical work has been required and between Peter, Brian, John and Keith they have done a great job. Thanks.

Your committee has met regularly, apart from the last couple of months, to plan and work out ways to improve the shed and to help us all. Thank you to you all.

Along with either John Sherval, Glenn Creighton or George Wilson accompanying me, we have met and bargained with various council personal to agree on lease provisions, power supply, yard size and lots of other items affecting us all.

I am pleased to say that we have agreed with Mid Coast Council on a five year renewable lease which is affordable. Our income recently has been healthy which will allow us to pursue options of charity work while still maintaining our viability. Council has been helpful in giving us contracts to build tree surrounds (about 130 this year) animal nesting boxes and other small jobs.

Much of our work is referrals from word of mouth and it is obvious that the quality of work leaving the shed is because of this. There is still a lot of work to do before Xmas. During the year a lot of us have suffered illnesses of some sort. I hope that you all have recovered and are in better health.

We have tried to introduce two welfare officers and at this stage Noel Smith is looking after welfare. If anyone reallises or knows if a member is absent or sick for a period, they can let Noel know so that he can see if help is needed.

The next year is looking very good at this stage and we look forward to the completion of the new Waste Management Centre here.

Thank you.

John Belcher

President. 25.11.2016

Date: Friday
25 November 2016

Wallis Lake Men’s Shed Annual General Meeting Meeting

Held at the Men’s Shed on the 25th of November 2016

The President, John Belcher, opened the meeting at 10.40 am and welcomed members to the meeting. There were 39 members present. The President then presented his report covering the previous 12 months. (attachment A)

Matters arising:

  • Q. Bill Kingston asked about the Solar Panel report and where are we at with it.
  • A. President: We will be applying soon for a grant to install the solar panels We are investigating a new type of panel that is stand alone and won’t shut down the grid if only one panel goes down. The estimated cost is in the parish of $37,000.
  • Q. George Wilson enquired as to the provision of 3 Phase power.
  • A. President It is envisaged that this will be diverted from the recycling shed.

Proposed Ron and Seconded John Sherval that the presidents report be accepted…Carried

The President asked the treasurer to present his report.

The Treasurer, Glen Creighton presented his treasurers report for the previous 12 months. (attachment B) Proposed Richard Bateson and Seconded Richard Preston that the Treasurers report be accepted…Carried

The next order of business was the positions on the committee.

John Sherval resigned his position as Vice President.

Bill Cliff nominated John Belcher for the position of President. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated Noel Smith for the position of Vice President. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated Glen Creighton for the position of Treasurer. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

George Wilson nominated Terry Jobson for the position of Secretary. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated Ian Forrester for the position of Committeeman. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated John McLeod for the position of Committeeman. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated Alan Bright for the position of Committeeman. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated John Sherval for the position of Committeeman. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

John Belcher nominated George Wilson for the position of Committeeman. As there were no further nominations this was carried.

This being concluded the floor was opened for general business. The general business consisted mainly of questions from the floor.

  • Q. Brian Booth. Are the over 80’s covered by insurance?
  • A. President Yes, this has been resolved. We are all covered by GLCR insurance and this covers over 80’s and covers us for work carried out away from the shed.
  • Q. Bill Kingston, can we make it a matter of priority to build the covered racking for the timber stored outside the shed?
  • A. President This matter is in hand, the Presidentis negotiating to use the area over the water draining yard for this purpose.
  • Q. Alan Bright Isn’t this area for growing trees?
  • A. President No it is a buffer zone.
  • Q. George Wilson can we find out when the certificate of occupancy is available?
  • A. President Yes
  • Q. Peter Mork Will there be a board to acknowledge donations both from corporate and private sponsors?
  • A. President yes it will be done shortly and displayed on the wall.
  • Q. George Wilson will there be a template available to send thanks to the donors.
  • A. President Yes it will be done.
  • Q. Richard Is Todays Barbeque the last function for the year or will we be having a Christmas do?
  • A. President We will have a function a couple of weeks before Christmas and have some prawns oysters chooks etc. It will be on the 16December, Friday at 11am. There will be no work done this day and all benches are to be cleared and tidy. Wives/partners are welcome.
  • Q. George Wilson how does this impact on the current visitor restriction?
  • A. President We should encourage car sharing for that day and if there is no room park outside.

There was a discussion regarding the donation of a full size billiard table to the shed. The result is that we should thank the donor but politely refuse it.

Peter Mork moved a vote of thanks to Richard and his band of merry men for the work on the barbeque.

The Meeting was closed by the President at 11.20

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