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Shed Guidelines

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Date: Monday
14 December 2015
Shed Guidelines

uidelines for the smooth running of WALLIS LAKE MEN'S SHED.

  • 1. When entering the men’s shed everyone must sign in, visitors included. Everyone must also sign out. This is vital for insurance purposes.
  • 2. If you have morning tea and/or use any of the machines, it is expected that a donation of $2 will be made towards future purchases.
  • 3. Sturdy footwear and High Visibility clothing must be worn in the workshop area.
  • 4. Anyone who has been drinking alcohol or smelling of same, or is or appears to be effected by drugs will not be permitted inside the workshop area.
  • 5. A minimum fee of $5.00 will be charged for all member’s projects, plus materials if applicable. A Shed Co-ordinator or a member of the Project committee will determine all charges to be applied.
  • 6. Private commercial projects are not permitted.
  • 7. 99% of timber is donated or recovered by us, for the purpose of raising money for the shed. If you wish to purchase timber a fee (depending on type and quantity) will be charged. A Shed Co-ordinator or a member of the Project committee will determine all charges to be applied.
  • 8. Any member wishing to purchase any of our tools, or some specialty timber, must put their name, the description of the item and the amount they are willing to pay on a tender form which will be displayed on the notice board for one week, thus enabling other members to be given a chance to also tender for the item.
  • 9. Should any purchase need to be made for a shed project, then permission must be obtained from two committee members where possible including the treasurer. If the item is purchased without authorisation the member doing so may bear the cost of that item. Receipts must be produced to obtain reimbursement.
  • 10. Donations to the shed of timber or tools must be authorised by a Shed Co-ordinator or member of the Project committee. All electric tools must be inspected and tested by a member of the safety committee before use.
  • 11. All members are expected to clean their workspace and replace any tools or equipment prior to leaving the shed. The shed is expected to be kept in a clean and respectable condition at all times where possible.

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